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The Malaysian Scrabble Club

Welcome to the homepage of the Scrabble Club in Malaysia located in the heart of the garden city of lights - Kuala Lumpur!! At this site, you will be updated on upcoming Scrabble events, exciting International news as well as local activities and news on the Singapore Scrabble scene.

After a general revamp in web-space design, the following menu is constructed to ease site navigation and surfing:
Main - General announcements, news and info.
Ranking - The current local scrabble rankings.
Tournaments - Future competitions' notice board.
Letters - Letters and e-mails sent to the Club. Excluding bills, junk mail and the like, of course.
Bingos, Hooks, Anagrams - Strategies and word references.
Archives - Past editions and news.
Results - Competition results and winners' list.
Gallery - Pictures submitted from past tournaments.
Links - Web-links to related sites and references.


Latest Match Results:

View the latest on the results of the GP Tournaments! 
A. Ganesh brings the latest results from GP1 to 4.


Results of the Malaysian Mensa Tournament


Venue & Date: Menara Choy Fook Onn 
14th - 15th June 2003

Results after Game 15



Wins Mar
1 Pui Cheng Wui 11 1255
2 Aaron Chong 10 663
3 Vannitha Balasingam 10 565
4 Tan Jin Chor 10 399
5 Kong Chock Heng 9 616
6 Leonard Wong 9 244
7 Jocelyn Lor  9 188
8 Tengku Asri 8 453
9 Chuah Sim Swee 8 -170
10 Paulette Yeoh 6 -577
11 Yeap Gim Sai  5 -724
12 Ng Peng Sang 4 -942
13 Yeo Tat Mun 3 -730
14 Warren Lau 3 -1240

HIGH GAME: Kong Chock Heng   523
HIGH WORD: Tengku Asri       158   "SNIGGLER"

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If you have any contributions or suggestions, please send an e-mail to We shall address it promptly.


MSA's Scrabble Tourney Tutorial What you need to know about about Scrabble tournaments, regulations et al.


This week in Letters , we have an e-mail from Ador Ruiz, a Philippines citizen residing in Japan, regarding his capital match against KC Hirai:

"Yesterday, me and Kc Hirai played another 11 exciting games with Kc prevailing in the clincher. The games were of top quality I would say, the way bingos were remarkably executed and fantastic words that were created..."

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The available Scrabble Corner now is the National Library near Dataran Merdeka at 11am to 5pm every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday of the month.

The 2 representatives for Malaysia will be the top two rated persons on the Malaysian Ranking with special emphasis that the rating continues from the existing Malaysian rating. The minimum games for qualification is 60 games played over a minimum period of 12 months, the confirmed cut off dates are from 21st July 2002 to 31st July 2003.