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The Gallery of Moments & Memories

These pictures are from past tournaments and events. To inquire or list any relevant materials on this site, please send an e-mail to

Bangkok & Bertam 2000
Wilma and the other Bertam crew
Femi and Cecilia
Kenrick and his Thai groupies
The crowded venue
All the prizes winners
Nigel receiving his prize
Amnuay vs Kenrick
The stage spread and flags
Elephants at the king's palace
The king's palace
Nigel, Joel, Ganesh, Kenrick and Emy
Nigel and his Thai groupies
Nigel posing
The crowded venue again
Sam, Nigel and Tanji
Sam, Nigel (signing Sam's ELM), Roongroj and Gerry
Nigel Showing the prize
Akegapun, Joel and Kenrick

3rd Penang YMCA 2001
Nigel receiving prize from John Lam
Jocelyn receiving prize from John Lam
Ganesh, champion for Penang YMCA 2001

Bangkok 2001
The stadium on Opening Day
Gan Cher Siong and Mark Nyman
Gan Cher Siong, Goh Jiang Pern and Cheah Siu Hean
The board - 1st game of the finals between Nigel Richards and Paul Cleary
The board - 2nd game of the finals